Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Finally

Not sure about where y'all live but here in Cali, it's been summer for a very long time… not that I should be complain about sunshine and 75 degree weather in November, but I love fall!  The beautiful leaves, crisp air and …. the fall cloths!  And this year, I have a new obsession!  Tulle!  Tulle skirts to be exact!  For me and my mini!

The warm weather isn't hindering me from wearing said new obsession, I was just dying of heat in my button down, but I couldn't hold off… isn't this skirt amazing? Modern day ballerina anyone?

 I mean seriously, how cute is she?

Yes, I know, she is without her usual bow, but she wasn't having any of it today.

I found this great fashion Instagrammer, liketoknow.it. Y'all are probably already following them, but I love how simply "liking" their pictures gets you an email with direct links to the cloths. Makes it so easy to shop for new things, especially if you are like me, and wanting to shake up your wardrobe this season. 

I actually found this skirt via a pin on Pinterest. One of my friends linked this skirt from Anthropologie, but it was sold out!  After some research, I found the designer and ordered it direct!  It comes in various shades and lengths.

I think Baby J loves it too!

My Skirt by Alexandra Grecco
My Chambray Shirt
Seychelle Shoes are old, Similar Here
J's Chambray Shirt
J's skirt I found second hand, similar Here
J's shoes are also second hand, similar Here

The thing I love about these tulle skirts, are the many fabulous ways they can be worn. From t-shirts to chambray or flannel! Heels or flats! Dressed down, or dressed up.  Below are pictures borrowed from the internet. I, in no way, own any part of these photos…hopefully, that is enough to keep me out of any legal problems due to reposting these pictures.

Happy Fall!  

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  1. I was going to guess Alexandra Grecco and then I saw it linked below! Her tulle skirts are fabulous! You and your mini me look adorable all matching :)