Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Baby Turns One

 I know everyone says it, but it's hard to believe she is already a year, but if any of you have your own children, you know what I mean.... How did I keep her alive for a whole year???

Custom bloomers from Breezy Oaks Designs

It has been the best and the hardest year of my life. There is nothing like having your own child to show you how much love you are capable of or how much patience, or lack there of, you can have for one needy little person. 

This past year I have never been so busy physically but at the same time, struggling mentally for things to challenge me. Since leaving my job as a Telemetry Nurse in a level II trauma hospital to be a Stay-At-Home-Momma, I have been fighting to find the balance between the independent me and my new role. Getting crafty, planning trips and parties, and filling our home with tons of out-of-town guests has been filling up my schedule.

 Tissue Paper Pom Poms by Dress My Cupcake 

 The weekend of Jemma's birthday was also the weekend that I co-hosted my baby sister's bridal shower. It was also the weekend that she moved into our guest room to live until her wedding at the end of September. I wasn't even sure if I was going to get to do a birthday party for Jemma with all the chaos. 

 Burlap banner from Amazon hand painted with acrylic white paint

My in-laws were arriving the following weekend and since Jemma had no idea that she had turned one, I decided to have a small, belated party... because let's face it, the party isn't for the kid, it's so that I can take all these fun photos!  

Cupcake flags made from Washi tape and toothpicks

All I can say is that I am extremely lucky for a tolerant husband who loves to help me host, for my wonderful friend Mary, my sister, and my in-laws who helped in countless ways.

Big balloon from Hobby Lobby

 My sweet little girl loves her bubbles 

Having a toddler opens your eyes to things we take for granted. Sugary foods for one. Jed and I committed to not giving Jemma any processed sugar until her first birthday, in hopes that she would be a good eater of healthy things. Since we have, thus far, only had one test subject, it seems a bit premature to say that our theory played out as we predicted since Jemma eats basically anything and lots of it.

We held strong until Jemma was 11 months old and we visited Oahu. Jed and I love Hawaiian shaved ice and couldn't keep it from little Jemma's grabby little hands. 

  Kisses for daddy

I have been dying to get Jemma working with paint! Though I knew she was probably a little too young, I thought it would be fun for her and the other babies to get messy.... Turns out, paint doesn't taste like frosting, even though it looks like frosting, and that doesn't make it as fun.... at first. 

Yucky paint

Really getting into it
Artwork by one year olds 

We realized afterword that we had forgotten Jemma's birthday hat!

It didn't last long anyways!

As always, I have a DIY to share. I made Jemma's birthday onesie that you see her wearing in the pictures above. The pictures below were taken on my iPhone and the clarity and colors aren't very good but here are the steps.

I used onesie that she already owned that had cute stitching around the collar and a little strawberry on the chest. Using a charcoal pencil to do a rough sketch, I drew a cupcake and the number one. Tip: Charcoal pencils work great because they leave a mark even when you press really lightly, making drawing easier, plus it comes off easily in the wash.

Next, using fabric medium paints, I made an outline of my picture, then fill it in.

Lastly, just add little details 

All that needs to be done now is to heat set the picture so that the colors stay and don't fade when they are washed. I explain the process of heat setting on my 4th of July Post. 

Have a wonderful week!

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